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We are at a juncture where we can easily get away with cruelest of the cruel crimes if we are capable enough of justifying it as propriety is subjective, it changes with a gust of wind, nothing shook the collective conscience of the society anymore. We are the followers of the deranged cult of misplaced consciousness who can dive any deep just to line their very pockets.

There’s a constant conversion of our offbeat thoughts into corrupt realities, of our dark fancies into absurd actuality of the world, one such product of these conversions are Conspiracy Theories. From Lecil Rhodes ‘Round Table’ to Jim Marrs’s ‘Fourth Reich’ to anti-semitic canard of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion where it was alleged that freemasonry is plotting to rule the world on behalf of all Jews because they believe themselves to be the chosen people of the God.

One of the most scintillating amongst them is still the theory on Adam Weishaupt’s ‘Illuminati‘, according to the theory, Illuminati, a group of Semite people in Europe considered to be the heroes behind French Revolution and advisers of Maximillian Robespierre during the reign of terror, they are also considered to be the mastermind behind the rise of bipolar world after the second world war and now presumed to wage a war against Islam, according to some religious fatheads.

Conspiracy theories offered causal explanations to the unusual and shocking world events such as J.F. Kennedy’s Assassination, Fall of Berlin, Gulf War, Vietnam War, and 9/11. We’re more vulnerable to them when we feel powerless, when we feel threatened and we need to get a sense of control and that’s where, conspiracy theories starts offering meaning and much needed satiation to our sprinting brains. In India, many right-wing think tanks came up with insane hate-mongering conspiracy theory gluing Indian Muslims with a global disease, demonizing them to genocide, this time, the pretext being the negligence of few religious fanatics.

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It’s been quite a few days since complete lockdown of this country, some of you are busy doing productive things and some can’t even think of anything apart from COVID-19. Well, this happens. Thought process differs from people to people. The optimistic ones are becoming productive and thinking of their bright future after the wrap up of this pandemic but what about the ones suffering from analysis paralysis or I better use a term, ‘altruism’? . What about their mental health? What they are feeling is complete despair, they are hollow, they are dying a slow death, seeing day by day increasing COVID-19 cases, this is a test of survival not only for them but also for their mental health and very much alive conscience. Well, I don’t know how I am writing this but it’s urgent to pen down my thoughts as they are constantly ripping my life apart since last 26 days. First, I thought this continuous uneasiness in all probability is because of the outspread of the pandemic but no wait, what’s more distressing is being a spectator in a puppet show where Coronavirus would only scramble the old graves and disturb the people already died of hunger, poverty and social trauma. Social trauma? Yes, social trauma. I’ve never been a supporter of any kind of extremism, I’ve never believed in the sanctity of religion based division, I’ve never supported any political party and deplore BJP only for mobilising politics on communal lines, I deprecated the Muslims from Tablighi Jamaat and demanded stringent punishment for their outlawed behaviour and above all, I am habitual of finding faults in the people of my own community but it’s high time to admit that I’ve never seen my countrymen getting this blinded by hatred, intolerance and fanaticism. I am scared, we, the people of ‘particular community’ are scared, this hatred is no pushover, it’s not temporary unlike the demons in power, it is entrenched in the minds of Generation-Z which is self evidentiary from the recent events where Muslim families being driven out of their villages in Punjab, they being denied the access to water in Bengal, the Muslim aid workers being beaten up in Arunachal Pradesh, the vendors being attacked in Uttar Pradesh and the list goes on.

There’s an equivocating distinction between savagery and civilization, Police is no longer the protector for them, they see every government institution as a perpetrator, witch-hunting them to death, their constant vilification by the embedded media is no less a deathbed for them and only with this media, fascist state manufactured consent, stifled dissent and further normalized the discrimination against the particular community under the garb of toxic nationalism. Hey folks, welcome to 1930s Germany!

Call it my stigmatized rationalism but the day is not so far when there will be a petition in the Supreme Court titled ‘Should the Indian Muslims be burnt alive or castrated in a public square before getting propelled out of this nation?’ there will be a trade off between justice and disgust and the jury will decide unanimously in favour of religious fanaticism as people always choose convenience over convictions.

It’s seems nearly impossible to get out of this nightmare but I believe in my countrymen, they’ll be reverted back from the herd of pigs to the sane average people again, sun of the much exploited ‘unity in diversity’ will shine upon us again, all you need to do is to be patient, chuck on your enmity and stop eulogizing your equally evil Muslim demagogues.

Coming back to conspiracy theories again, we see people who are unable to make ends meet starving to death while waiting to be killed by COVID-19 and the central government still bargaining with state governments for providing them two meals a day? And you say, this government love ‘its’ people. Where’s the money from PM Relief Fund going? Is that only for buying MLAs? The trajectory here is that you cannot hold your half God accountable anymore, because you are either blinded in his worship or you are a sinner whose only sin is tolerance towards the people of ‘particular’ community. What I believe is we are rushing into a new world order where Orwell will be no longer a fiction, moral matrix will be a thing of past and people claiming to be richer than God will be the only survivors.

Sadaf Parvez is a student pursuing Law from Jamia Millia Islamia.

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Written by Sadaf Parvez

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