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Enactus JMI organises SheFiesta as a continuation of their Women-centric Endeavours

Enactus JMI, one of the most prominent societies of the university, held their much anticipated event, SheFiesta in March 14. The event commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by the Jamia Tarana. Enactus JMI then launched their new product, pantyliners. The chief guest, Professor Mini Shaji Thomas, who also happens to be the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology, shared her journey of following her passion of teaching. She addressed the audience to identify and follow their passions as well.

This was followed by the facilitation of women from Shram Vihar, a.k.a. Maharanis. These women are the backbone of Project Shrimati by Enactus JMI. The panelists were then introduced, and the new product was unveiled by the Chief Guest.

A panel discussion was then held on “Navigating the Waters of the Entrepreneurial Journey.” The panelists included Rani Parihar (MD of Axzora Group); Khansa Fahad (co-founder and COO of Gurucool); Meghna Joshi (founder of SWAN); Azfar Khan (CA and YouTuber); and Sana Sharif (founder of the Beginning Foundation). Questions on entrepreneurship for females, women in leadership roles, worklife balance, and other women-centric issues were asked by the vice presidents of Enactus JMI and the rest of the audience members. The panelists impressed everyone with their in-depth understanding and well-framed answers.

The women of Shram Vihar were also asked comparable questions, and they responded with equally strong answers. The discussion was a fruitful learning session as women from all backgrounds shared their incredible experiences and stories of failure and success.

The open-mic competition, Bayaan: Voicing the Unvoiced, was a package of entertainment and creative knowledge. The contestants presented a wide range of performances, from poetry recitation and singing to speaking their thoughts out, going with the theme of voicing the underprivileged, especially women whose voices are suppressed in a patriarchal society. The event attracted the majority of the audience and sparked the atmosphere with the anticipation of knowing the winners.

Tabdeeli: The Case for Change, a case study competition, went extremely well, with the goal of reaching a solution to the problem mentioned in the case being reached. The presentations were filled with new, innovative, and creative ideas. The event started with the introduction of the judges, after which we started with the competition. There were seven teams that participated in it: The Space, The Resilient, 180DC, The Blues, M6, and Karan Narang. The event ended on a positive note, where every member learned and gained in the end.

Sara Mehboobi, the Photography & Videography team head of Enactus JMI explained the rules to the participants for SheTog: Seeing the Unseen. The participants were then escorted around the entire campus to capture the thematic essence around them. They were required to submit their best-clicked photos along with a detailed caption.

The event concluded with the jury members giving out prizes for best performances in their respective teams. Gaurav Chakraborty, president of Enactus JMI, presented a vote of thanks to the organizing team, the participants, the jury members, and the chief guest. A trailer for an upcoming magazine by Enactus JMI declared SheFiesta a success!

Report by: Sania Parween for TJR

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