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North Korea is an independent socialist state which lies in the eastern part of Asia and constitutes the northern part of the Korean peninsula. It is separated from the southern part of the peninsula (South Korea) by a demilitarized zone which is about 2.5 miles wide.

One of the most controversial countries of the world, North Korea never fails to make it to the headlines, be it political tensions with neighbouring countries or the infamous dictatorship regime which prevails within.The authoritarian regime headed by the shady Kim Jong-un was even called a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ by the US President Donald Trump for its unstoppable testing of nuclear bombs.


North Korea is a country which is detached from all the world forums. Owing to the austerity shown by the head of the country, blatant suppression of human rights and their exploitation forms a vital part of their constitution. The North Korean regime was ruled by Kim II Sung and since then it has been under the legacy of the same family ruling generation after generation. The autocratic jurisdiction allows for sham elections which do not allow more than one person to contest for any position. The totalitarian regime has the same family ruling the country since 1948. The present leader, Kim Jong-un, a notorious successor of the throne is known to have executed his own uncle and his entire family in an attempt to overthrow any possible opposition. The bizarreness of the country is depicted by the rules imposed upon its citizens which is a clear outrage of the basic human rights. The most implausible rule is the three generation punishment which doesn’t entertain any criticism from the citizens. It provides that if one person of a family commits a crime, his entire bloodline upto the third generation will be sent to prison. The citizens are not allowed to travel outside the country and travelling to North Korea for tourists is an equally impossible job. They have access to only 3 TV channels and 28 websites which is administered entirely by the government. The country promotes atheism and persecutes individuals who practice any form of religion. Outlandishly, the government even controls the places where different individuals would live. For example, if anyone wants to stay in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, they would require permission from the government to be able to live there. The stern dictatroship displayed by the leader makes it difficult for the people to survive there and hence there have been cases of escapism from North Korea.


The country’s economic, political and social forum is a dilapidated form of strong governance full of hollow propagandas and oppression of its citizens. Its relations with other countries has been a string of tensed dialogues emerging from its uncontrollable testing of nuclear weapons despite international pressure. The president of the United States even exchanged conversations of warfare with Kim Jong-un which often included personal insults being hurled at each other. North Korea operates secretive prisons where possible opponents of the government are sent to face torture, forced labour and deliberate starvations. The situation of women in the country is beyond comprehension. They have to face sexual abuse, forced abortions and other forms of sexual enslavement. Economically, North Korea stands very weak with broken ties from powerful countries, yet its military maintenance is one of the strongest in the world. With highly developed nuclear weapons, it manages to keep countries like America and China at bay. The United Nations Human Rights Council and the Amnesty International have outwardly condemned the role of North Korea in preserving human rights. In the latest resolution passed in December 2011, it reprehended Pyongyang and urged its government to stop the systematic and grave violations of the human rights. This was rejected by the government urging that the resolution was politically motivated and based on contrived information. Many citizens who escaped have been the sole witnesses of the horrors prevailing in the country and have accounted for the brutality they faced while crossing the border.

The country’s propaganda puts it in the light of development and discipline while the truth remains obscenely denuded. Despite its attempts to falsely implicate its development, the harrowing experiences of refugees openly enunciates the curtailment of the very basic necessity of human beings. Regardless of worldwide denouncement, the country remains stubborn in its approach towards handling international relations as well as providing rudimentary amenities to its citizens.

Hadiqua Jabeen is a student pursuing B.Sc Biotechnology from Jamia Millia Islamia.

Edited by: Nuzhat Khan

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Jamia Review or its members.

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Written by Hadiqua Jabeen

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