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31 December 2019, the day when the Chinese authorities alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) about a life-threatening virus named as Coronavirus, indicating Wuhan, China as the epicenter. Governments all over the world ignored the threat until people actually started getting infected and a world-wide emergency was declared. Many countries imposed lockdown right away, trying to curb the infection whereas India went into lockdown around the end of March 2020.

Lockdowns contributed meagerly in controlling the cases as compared to the destruction of the richest economies in the world, murdering the already dying economies. Cases increased, the healthcare of countries collapsed, millions lost their jobs and millions succumbed to COVID-19.

5 Things Kids Need to Know About Coronavirus | Johns Hopkins Medicine
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The world championship of vaccines is still in the process. As of October 2020, there are 321 vaccine candidates in development, a 2.5 fold increase since April. Till now no vaccine has been able to prove its safety and efficacy; some 44 vaccines are in clinical research that is 34 in Phase I-II trials and 10 in Phase II-III trials. Experts have been expecting a vaccine in the first quarter of 2021 and also say that the vaccine may not be available for all in the starting of its distribution process.

Just three weeks ago, around the first week of October, many countries, with Israel being the first; France, Germany, Belgium, Greece and Spain have yet again ordered lockdowns and curfews keeping in view the surge of COVID-19 cases on the off-set of autumn. Many scientists have warned that a rise in the number of cases will be visible during winters which will be the deadly second wave of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Macron declares second national lockdown in France - BBC News
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From the last 4 days, Delhi has recorded 4,000-5,000 cases daily which has put the people at risk and has baffled the Government. Delhi Health Minister, Satyendra Jain, said that it was possible that the city will be seeing a third wave. The Health Minister said, “We should wait and observe the trend for a week. We will not be able to say anything in definite terms till then. It is too early to call it a third wave just yet. But it might be a possibility.” Also adding, “People should treat wearing masks as a vaccine till we get the real vaccine.”  

Kerala reported the biggest jump among all states of India- around 5,000 cases again even after improving its condition in the past week, and has reported nearly 50,000 cases in that period than any other state, taking over the top hotspot of Maharashtra for the first time.

The recent and upcoming festivities, degradation in air quality– which has drastically worsened in Delhi, and the on-set of winter are considered the main reasons for the drastic spread of Coronavirus all over again. Medical experts have suggested that the situation can become deadlier as the temperature drops further. India has crossed its peak but it should still remain cautious of a sharp spike in the festive season; people have taken Coronavirus lightly and are becoming careless regarding the precautions.

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We, the team of TJR, would like to encourage the readers to always wear masks before stepping out, sanitize themselves and their properties properly, and maintain physical and social distance at all times.

Saher Hiba Khan is a student pursuing English Literature from Jamia Millia Islamia

Edited by: Shaireen Khan

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Jamia Review or its members.

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Written by Saher Hiba Khan

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