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“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”— Emily Bronte. The end of the growing season- Autumn, also perceived as the harvest period, is filled with festivals that rejoice the arrival of harvest. It ushers in the course of celebration and packs the atmosphere with colours, lights and festivities..

The beautiful and stunning golden-yellows, oranges, reds, and browns in the British woods are one of the highlights of the season. This cooling-off month, between the sunny summers and chilly winters is perfect for infinite reasons- from changing your wardrobe by breaking out jackets and hats, to making hot chocolate, to having a bonfire party and the list goes on. The fall season creates an ideal setting for a sense of comfort, warmth, and reflection.

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Autumn is a time for celebration, and the festivities share a universal theme of light. From lanterns, lamps, torches, to fireworks and lighting up hot air balloons; Autumn is celebrated in all parts of the world. Thanksgiving is an example of the Harvest celebration in the west; being a historical ceremony, it also has a spiritual dimension blended in it which is the belief of giving praise for what has been bestowed upon us. We also have Halloween– the super spooky festival, and All Saints’ Day which reminds people of the past where the parted ancestors are commemorated, leading the people to feel a connection with death by remembering those who have left this earth. Not to forget the grand Indian festival- Diwali, whose whole notion revolves around prosperity and the reign of good over bad.

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Not many people ponder over leaves until autumn arrives. Then, for a brief time, we revel in the aggregation of colours that appear from what was earlier a plain green canvas. The fall foliage can be seen all across the globe, as a backdrop of gold for Bavarian castles, and floorings of rich reds and oranges in Alaska’s mountain range. The vivid hues of gold, bronze, and ruby against evergreen Scots pine in Edinburgh are breath-taking. The fall landscape in Kyoto, Japan is truly different and exceptional with cherry blossoms that got nothing on the green leaves turning flushed crimson and gold.

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Apart from the celebrations, Fall has a special appeal of bestowing life lessons. Throughout history- cultures, science, and astrology have worked on seasonal symbols to denote, heighten, and even play against the feelings of passing of time and age to the human life cycle. Autumn represents Impermanence. After encountering the youth of summer in the budding of existence, and the abundance of flowerings, the leaves and flowers drop, abandoning the branches bare. This symbolizes change and maturity, evoking in us the fleeting nature of all entities. The fluttering leaves also act as a reminder for us to let go and move on. Fall brings a yearning for an end, a human autumn of winter, aging, and death.

Malaika Mumtaz Khan is a student pursuing English Literature from Jamia Millia Islamia.

Edited by: Shaireen Khan

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