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How would you reduce illness in workplace?

First we will focus on the causes of illness in the workplace. Some of them can be:

1. Workload: Workload on the employee of the organisation is the first thing which is cause of illness in the workplace. It is causing stress. It is the responsibility of the manager of the organisation to divide the work properly to the employees.

2. Lack of control: The employees should be given an opportunity to say regarding the things those affect them as if they have no say, and then there will be more chances of workplace illness. All the employees should be given a sense of being in control.

3. No appreciation: Lack of appreciation will also lead towards illness in the workplace. If the employees do not get feedback on what they are doing, not being appreciated for good performance, they will feel mentally stressed and this can be one of the causes of illness. To overcome this, the managers should appreciate the good work from time to time.

4. Poor relationships: Poor relationships with colleagues can also be the factor of illness. If the employees are treated with discrimination then there can be chances of stress.

Now, there are many points to reduce illness in the workplace:

1. Workplace culture: The workplace is the thing which can be reduce the illness of the workplace. The organizations need to set proper organization culture to reduce levels of stress in the workplace. Workplace’s culture should be developed in such a way that it should be allowing flexibility, security, participation, involvement. All these factors are very important for a stable workplace and industrial relations.

2. Planning and time management: Planning and time management also can reduce the illness of the workplace, because stress and illnesses can also arise from lack of proper planning. To get relief from stress and from illness, the employees should make a proper planning.

3. Management style: Management style plays a very important role in ensuring good work environment. The management style also decreases the illness of the workplace. The management style should be such that gives encouragement to employees so that they can discuss problems with the managers freely. They should be provided with regular feedbacks and they should have freedom to give ideas.

4. Duties of employers towards employees: For run an organisation, the relational between employers and employees should be good. To reduce illness, it is the duty of the employer to treat each employee equally. Each and every employee should be involved in decision making so that they can feel that they are part of the organization. Each employee should be well trained. The managers need to behave with the employee like a friend not like a senior employer. Employers should provide proper health and wellness programs to reduce stress in the workplace and to ensure health and safety. There should be no bullying and harassment in the workplace.

5. Encourage exercise: Another way to keep employees healthy and fit is to encourage exercise. Employers should encourage their employees to keep physically fit. Doing exercise and taking a healthy and balanced diet will help employees to have more stamina and energy in the office. Exercises can be of various types. For instance, tennis, ballroom dancing, swimming, jogging, cycling, etc. All these will not only promote fitness but also help to get relief from counter stress.

6. Preparing Education Programs: To overcome illness, the employees should be educated about the causes, symptoms and treatment and it should be ensured that all the individuals should have early treatment. Employers can provide assistance by ensuring that every person in the organization from the top down has received full information about all the issues related to mental health and illness This will help the employees in better management of work during pressure. This will help them to learn techniques like time management, leadership skills, assertiveness, relaxation, etc. The employee must learn how to relax in case of stress.

Mohd Bilal Khan is a student pursuing HMTT from Jamia Millia Islamia.

Edited by: Yusuf Aziz

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Written by Mohd Bilal Khan

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