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Little Things – A Slow-Paced yet Enthralling Romantic Drama Series

Initially created by Dice Media, Ashwin Suresh’s Little Things is a tribute to the semi-modern Indian society of live-in couples, which rose to worldwide fame after Netflix took over from season two. The series does not encourage the entire larger-than-life character trope, nor does it even follow a track that is too loud for the audience: a motif that is distinctive with the ‘coming-of-age’ genre. The entire show is founded on simplicity—raw, genuine, unremarkable, and ordinary.

Caption: A still from the show.

Starring Dhruv Sehgal as Dhruv and Mithila Palkar as Kavya, Little Things follows the story of a cohabitating couple in their twenties as they tackle the ups and downs of their careers and modern-day relationships while discovering themselves in contemporary Mumbai. The show’s stunning storyline and outstanding performances by its leading duo struck a chord right away. It is in fact, a breath of fresh air for those of us who grew up seeing implausible melodramatic love stories.

Over the course of its four seasons, Dhruv and Kavya work toward their professional ambitions, spend time together and apart, and discover what they truly want from life. The first season was mostly about the couple figuring out what they mean to each other – essentially a sweeter start to their relationship. They deal with difficulties linked to individuals around them as a couple in the second season, while figuring out their position in the world in terms of their ambitions in the third. Then, as a natural extension of that reasoning, the memorial of their relationship follows. The first three seasons were penned by Dhruv Sehgal, while the fourth season credits him as a Co-Executive Producer. Abhinandan Shridhar is in charge of both the writing and the production in the final season. Throughout the series, there are some thought-provoking yet simple dialogues that never fail to amaze the audience.

“Trying to make the best out of what you have is what everything is about.”

In the second season’s episode five, Kavya acts out after returning from a workplace trip, and Dhruv serves her favourite dinner as a surprise. Then they have a genuine discussion about what if someone else might be a better match for them. It’s both startling and endearing to witness Dhruv manage the matter with logic and affection, resolving Kavya’s perplexity without a fight. Again, the couple emphasise the importance of valuing small details in everyday love.

Dhruv and Kavya, whom viewers originally met in their adorable twenties, are now in their thirties, and finally prepared to confront the questions that come with wanting to spend the rest of one’s life with someone. After nearly a year apart, the pair reunites for a holiday in Kerala in the final season. Incorporating beautiful shots of Alleppey, Munnar, and Fort Kochi, as well as a slow-motion montage of the pair going around, the director Ruchir Arun takes a few detours with the show.

I guess that depends on who you are going around in circles with.” – Responds Kavya when Dhruv explains life appears to revolve around circles but questions how to move forward. Further, they discuss what went well and wrong, staying away. Kavya continues to have doubts about them, and Dhruv is keen to iron out any wrinkles before they take hold. They both want to be together, nevertheless, in their hearts. Dhruv even comments in one of the series’ last episodes that they work because they want to find reasons to be together and solve problems.

By expressing their experiences in a coherent form, the script makes a purposeful attempt to have us notice the changes in these characters. There are certain aspects of maturity that Little Things has indeed skillfully depicted that demonstrate a great understanding of Indian millennials. Dhruv and Mithila are always outstanding in their performances, but the actors impersonating their parents, whether it’s Loveleen Mishra and Pawan Chopra as Dhruv’s parents or Navani Parihar and Rishi Deshpande as Kavya’s, often steal the show.

Apart from this, the show’s inherent charm and tenderness emphasise small, seemingly insignificant gestures that long-term couples typically overlook – a foot massage, having someone accompany you to a doctor’s appointment, and comforting your partner’s parents. Or simply having someone in your life who loves you despite the fact that you burp loudly in their company on occasion.

Caption: A still from the show.

Once the couple is back in Mumbai and is living together again, things start to get more intriguing. Dhruv contends with the hardships of his new work in the final four episodes directed by Pranjal Dua, while Kavya confronts an unforeseen health setback that threatens to put a long pause in her promising future. However, in what some may consider a very predictable conclusion, the two finally determine how they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

The final scene shifts to Kavya’s room, where she is prepping for her engagement. Dhruv and Kavya join the rest of the family in the living room for the ceremony. As they exchange rings, Dhruv requests that Alexa play “Ek din aap yun” from Yes Boss, as suggested by Kavya’s father. Like there are no perfect plot structures in life, the show’s season four somehow doesn’t neatly wrap up all of the cliff-hangers. Despite this, Little Things has managed to bring things to a close, perhaps in a conventional manner, but with great care and authenticity.

Tahseen Fatima is a student pursuing English Literature from Jamia Millia Islamia.

Edited by: Maria Aqdas

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Written by Tahseen Fatima

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