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The Mountain Between Us

Survival stories are thrilling; romance is the evergreen genre. How about a blend of these along with the surety of a lasting impression? New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin’s The Mountain Between Us offers all of this, and a lot more.

Stranded at Salt Lake City airport with nothing but cancelled flights looming on the overhead screens, two homesick strangers opt to share a chartered plane to Denver. Dr Ben Payne has scheduled surgeries to perform; he also misses his wife. Ashley, a writer for women’s magazines, is anxious that she’ll end up missing her wedding. Desperation leads to rash decisions – decisions that turn out to be deadly.

Over a massive expanse of wilderness, the small plane they chartered goes down, leaving Ben and Ashley stranded high on a plateau with nothing but mountains, snow and trees for miles. From here, one would have expected a tragic love story. However, Charles Martin seems determined to give us something different- so unique, so pure, so beautiful. I would rather not explain the plot; this book deserves to be read and reflected individually.

There’s always a chance.


This is what Ben learned from his wife and this is what kept him determined. It requires guts to hold on to the slightest glimmers of hope amidst only bleakness. There’s no denying that the plot is rife with conviction; the author is good at that. The events seem a little far-fetched, but still, anxiety-inducing and surprisingly entertaining.

You will be smitten. You just won’t be able to see it coming; you won’t even have the slightest idea. Things will unfold; this will happen with such grace that you’ll fall in love – with the characters, the plot and the author. This book has also been adapted into a movie, starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, which was released in 2017. I’d recommend going for the book.

The Mountain Between Us is a page-turner, can’t-put-it-down reading that will keep you engrossed, entertained and even concerned throughout. It isn’t your typical survival story; it isn’t the expected romance either. Overall, it is a book that offers a refreshing perspective on life altogether.

Zaina Shahid Khan is a student pursuing English Honors from Jamia Millia Islamia.

Edited by: Malaika M Khan

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Written by Zaina Shahid Khan

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