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Westernisation: The Unobtrusive Decay of Indian Folklore

Westernisation is a term used to signify the course of reception of the western culture, style, language, and methods of reasoning. Westernisation has influenced and impacted the general public in both a constructive and hostile manner. A common and honest fear among conventional Indians is that the rampant westernisation among the citizens prompts a steady decline and ultimate dilapidation of Indian culture and tradition. They suspect Western goods, clothes, foods, festivals, style, language, and Western thought are sprawling rapidly across the Indian population, particularly youth.

The Indian tradition and Western Culture’s confrontation have had a vast sociological significance. The western practice had a significant effect upon India’s sociopolitical framework to such a colossal extent that the contact of western tradition is credited to have initiated a new era of change in the Indian cultural tradition. Eventually, different Western practices came to India with varying political and social directions and impacts on Indian tradition and culture. However, not everyone believes in the “new era of change” with the cautious and steady advent of Westernism.

The impact of western culture is extensively found in our traditions, customs, social and moral conduct, our love and regard for other people. Nowadays, individuals love to live in freedom; they would not like to tie themselves to Indian traditions and customs. Step by step, we see the breaking of joint family households and a higher propensity of people to settle in nuclear families. Many aren’t keen on making changes and offering their things to other relatives. Privacy is more significant, and adoration and regard towards others, particularly elders, have diminished with time. Western Culture has brought with it the seeds of selfishness in the minds of Indians.

In 1947, India may have salvaged herself from the shackles of British imperialism, but the same cannot be said about the trail that was left behind after the Britishers left. Westernization prepared for an extreme difference in imaginative taste, and a style arose that addressed the change of traditional artists to new moulds and appeals. The impact of western culture isn’t restricted to our apparel and food propensities. Even our dialects and mundane ways of living are additionally getting westernised. The concept of Westernism is now fed and bred in the minds of youth.

Western Culture is not altogether bad. Even though it has made our lives faster, upgraded technology has made our lives easier and more agreeable. We need to acknowledge our Indian culture, which taught us to live in harmony and congruity with others by expanding our resilience and tolerance. Even people from different countries appreciate the standing of Indian heritage. They use the goodness of Indian cultures, such as yoga and meditation practice, wisdom and teachings passed by the ancient saint, etc.

The knowledge of Indian understanding helps human beings of any race to advance and enrich their life.

The Indian culture is one of the most established and wealthiest cultures, and it has a long shaped history and an old-fashioned heritage. This country has more than a billion population and houses a diverse culture in which more than 700 languages are spoken. There are many festivals and celebrations which happen in India every year. However, westernisation is gradually changing everything and imbibing its own western touch.

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Our generation is committing a grave error, and it’s a blunder we should acknowledge because we are demolishing the image of our culture, and by this age, I mean you and me because we are the future. We are the leaders of the present and tomorrow, so why do we require approval from the west? We are the sole delegate of our way of life, custom, nation, mainland, and people in the 21st century. Treating Western Culture as superior is undermining the Indian culture. We can see it by the simple reality that we partner privilege with the English language; we see it through our design sense, our dietary decision, and we generally advance Western expressions over our own. These days, nations have begun to believe that westernisation and development are the same things they are not.

The west so heavily influences us that our country was drawn on the map when they discovered us; think about it. Was it that our knowledge and culture were non-existent before a Portuguese navigator Vasco de Gama sailed to our land. They validated our existence, so it’s no surprise that our leaders continue to idolise it and make our country look more like the west. Bollywood celebrities have also contributed a lot in bringing forth this western culture in our country. The more significant part of our Indian populace is influenced by them every other day. In any case, individuals don’t comprehend that this is their calling. There is ongoing cultural imperialism, and as we let that imperialism go by, we are washing away the remains of our culture and our tradition.

Sidra Fatima is a student pursuing English Literature from Jamia Millia Islamia.

Edited by: Diptarka Chatterjee

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Written by Sidra Fatima

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