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180DC JMI Wins Prestigious Awards at The Global 180Degrees Awards 2022

This year, 180Degrees Consulting JMI bagged three mentions at the esteemed award ceremony: Best Consulting Project: Silver Medalist (APAC Region), Best Sustainable Initiatives Award: Winners (APAC Region), and Honourable Mentions: Plantation Drive.

180Degrees Consulting (180DC) is the world’s largest student consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises. It provides charitable organizations with the finest and most affordable consulting services by connecting them with the untapped capabilities of top university students. Present in leading universities around the world, students identify and overcome organization-specific challenges. They develop innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions whilst offering consulting services, including strategic planning, financial management, communications, and social impact analysis. There are 165+ branches worldwide, which have completed 1250 Projects and dedicated 900k hours of consulting services.

The Global Leadership Team organizes the 180 Degrees Global Awards to publicly reward the impactful work done by various branch members around the world. By celebrating outstanding work together, they encourage the 180DC community to perform even better. The Awards expose the teams to some of the highest-performing branches, as well as give them a platform to showcase their expertise on a global scale.

This year, 180DC JMI bagged three honours under its belt, including Best Consulting Project: Silver Medalist, APAC Region. The award recognize the best core consulting work and the evaluation criteria is rigorous. The judgment is on the basis of the application round, live presentations, and interviews, while being scored on the Consulting Quality, Social Impact, and Client Feedback. 180DC JMI beat 60 branches and 82 project applications to win. It worked with HRF (Human Rights Advocacy and Research Foundation) to design a campaign to fight manual scavenging in the state of Tamil Nadu. Based on the deliverables, the organization has impacted more than 4000 families of the Arunthathiyar community.

The organisation also won the Sustainable Initiatives Award: APAC Region. By completing 16/17 UN SDGs, carbon-positive initiatives, and environment-friendly operations, they became the winners of the first-ever Sustainable Initiatives Awards (APAC Region). The award is rewarded to branches that address the room for improvement and take special initiatives to maximize their social impact or make their operations greener.

Last but not the least, 180DC JMI was honourably mentioned under the category of Best Practices for its plantation drive organised in October in order to encourage environmentally cautious decisions.

Since its establishment in July 2020, 180DC JMI has made efficient consulting services accessible to the cluster of 70+ socially diligent organizations cradling near Jamia Nagar, New Delhi. It has provided 3000+ hours of consulting services and managed 16 projects across international and state boundaries. Presently, 180DC JMI has positioned itself as one of the most esteemed organizations in the university, scaling its impact across geographies of India, Indonesia, Lebanon, and Malaysia.

Report by: Alisha Uvais for TJR

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