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Enactus JMI organized the 2nd Menstrual Health Awareness cum Distribution Drive

The team of Enactus Jamia Millia Islamia, in collaboration with Pinkishe Foundation, carried out their second distribution cum menstruation awareness drive at Arya Darshan Public School, New Delhi, on 27th April 2022. The campaign was held under Project Shrimati, which aims to create awareness of menstrual health and hygiene.

Credits: Hefzul Bahar

Project Shrimati has set out to kindle social and environmental concerns among the masses by putting forth the drawbacks of using plastic through eco-friendly reusable sanitary napkins. This campaign was a part of Sadr Foundation and Enactus JMI’s combined pursuit of creating social consciousness among the masses. This was the second distribution drive to carry out the purposeful reusable pad-distribution initiative.

The team arrived at the school around 11:15 am. The teachers led them to the classroom, where children from class 5th to class 10th were already seated. Without any further delay, the team began with the setting up of the posters and the preparation for the campaign. Meanwhile, a few team members took up some fun activities to make the children comfortable and attentive.

Credits: Hefzul Bahar

By 11:30 am, Ms. Shalini Gupta, the Co-founder & Secretary-General of Pinkishe Foundation, arrived and commenced the campaign by talking to the girls. She began by giving a brief explanation of menstruation and its significance. The girls were all ears as Ms. Gupta along with her associate carried on and were finely responsive to whatever they were asked—about their problems while menstruating or the taboos they might have heard. They were further explained the small details with the help of some props. The women also informed them about the Do’s and Don’ts, the fundamental problems faced by everyone during menstruation, and the diseases that follow if one does not maintain their personal hygiene during this time, also highlighting the proper ways to dispose of them the sanitary pads.

The discussion was continued by Enactus JMI team member Rimsha Rehman, who took over and discussed the various issues concerning mensuration, the difficulties and health issues caused by the usage of cloth, the environmental issues caused by the plastic used in our sanitary pads, and the possible solution to this issue.

Credits: Hefzul Bahar

Soon after, Maham Kamal, the Project Head of Shrimati, continued by explaining the solution that has been brought out through the project. She introduced the audience to Shrimati’s eco-friendly reusable pads and gave a clear understanding of how to use the product. She gave them details about the materials used in its making and how it is environmentally friendly as well as skin-friendly. She explained the usage and time endurance of the pads with the help of a sample. The audience also agreed about the necessity to shift and adapt to this change.

The session was concluded by Izeen Fatima, the Joint Secretary at Enactus JMI, who asked several questions from the audience and cleared their queries to make sure that they had a good understanding of the campaign. She further explained to them the aim of Shrimati, which says “Nahi Daregi Mahavari Se Mahanaari”. After having a red circle drawn on each of the audience’s index fingers, the slogan was chanted together in high spirits.

The session finally came to a close with the distribution of 50 Shrimati boxes including 200 reusable sanitary napkins and 50 carry bags.

Credits: Afshana Afrin

Report by: Samreen Khan for TJR

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